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Well, for the first time in a very long time I got some hours to just turn off computers, phones, everything technologically brilliant and get back to nature.  It’s not for everyone – and two years ago I wouldn’t have been able to walk 50 metres let alone what I accomplished this last weekend.

I’ve spent a great deal of time over the years in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast: Maleny, Mapleton, Kenilworth, Eumundi, Kin Kin, Noosa, the different lakes etc.  I’ve seen it Irish green after rain and I’ve seen it so dry it’s a fire waiting to happen.  In many ways, it is the latter at the moment with plenty of fuel to fire at top and bottom levels.  Snakes are slithering all over, reptiles are everywhere – frogs have gone for cover!

Now although this is a great MOTORCYCLE run – and should be part of the agenda for most, this was back to basics!  PUSHBIKE AND FOOT SLOGGING!



One great walk was through the Eumundi Conservation Park.   It’s designed for walkers, mountain bikers and horse riding (I saw NO ONE in 4 hours!).  I’m amazed at how many people tell me they have travelled (and widely) and it’s been from airport to motel, to airport to home – with a few bus tours along the way.  Some local travellers tell me they’ve ridden around Australia – a few tell me of places off the beaten (MAIN) tracks.  Some have tales of going places that most will never see – they are the ones who really make me interested!

I spent hours wandering through some of the area (well most) – taking 7 L of water with me – and on a VERY hot Spring day, I drank all of it and then some.  I had to water manage the last few kms into Eumundi!  BUT, all was good.  The wander back to Tewantin via Sunrise Rd is quite beautiful (a great bike road – motored or non-motored).  Some areas are green and lush – most is dry and crackling under foot.  There’s plenty of grass from sprinkles of rain – just enough to make some more fuel.  I tended to take photos of the green – simply because it was so out of character from the rest of the area.

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Noosa was its ever tourist self – oh well, the beauty of parts forgives the madness of the manic people!  I found the dearest piece of toast on the planet and walked out the door and found a great bacon and egg roll at the Nipper’s stand on the headlands! Little Nippers grow into those who help keep us safe in the surf and on the sand!  $5 and I was fuelled back up!

Weyba Creek and its surrounds have wonderful bike paths – and Noosa National Park is something we’ve all got to do in our lives!


I rode around getting to places I simply could neither get to on a motorbike or in a car – wow.  I’m putting brackets on the sidecar outfit to take the pushbike  – when you just can’t go any further on one – get off, park it and go exploring the world!

There is so much to see and do and sometimes it requires a little forward thinking (and some outside the square).  As I said, I’ve ridden motorcycles through all of this area – rarely have I taken the time to see what is really there – off the ‘great bike road’.  On a ride day, I’d have a few hours to check it all out – with some time, I discovered places and saw things that are embedded in my mind – pictures of people and places that some of the locals didn’t even know existed.

Life is too short not to explore the world in which we live – find things outside the norm – dare to take yourself to 110% and discover what is really out in that world!


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  1. Hello Michelle, I rode down much of that route from Cooyar to Brisbane after the Maryborough AGM and the area is all you said it was. Regretfully I was not able to stop and smell the roses as much as you have done but it was a very enjoyable ride and great bike country none the less. Loved your post Michelle, thanks for sharing. Cheers, Raymond

    • Raymond,
      I too came back the inland way from the Maryborough AGM – down to Kenilworth, Conondale and through to Maleny – then down to Woodford, over Mt Mee and home. I came through the weekend warriors at Kenilworth which took much of the shine off the ride for me. I’ve travelled like the wind, but not on the wrong side of the double white lines aimed fairly at another biker.

      It is possible to lose yourself in the hills north of Brisbane and come out days later having never gone over the same road twice. If you like dirt, there’s enough to keep you happy.

      It is tourist country so one has to be careful in riding the area. People just ‘do things’ without thought and particularly without LOOKING.

      I truthfully find mid-week more enjoyable – less madness. Although having said that, civilisation seems to be catching up with new estates: a sad reality of life. Before we know it, some of this will no longer exist – it will be just more of suburbia.


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