What Facebook’s Crackdown on ‘Click Bait’ Means for Businesses

Facebook recently revamped its News Feed algorithms to help further weed out “click-bait” from users’ pages. We are all familiar with the problem — the headlines that exploit the so-called curiosity gap to intrigue and entice us to learn more, only for us to click through and discover vapid or trivial content with no real value.

Social media has given rise to a slew of sites catering to this type of content and strategy, chasing after virality and clicks over substance and value. Media publications have certainly struggled to walk the line, but for businesses, Facebook’s tweaking presents particularly unique challenges.

To be clear, sellers that rely heavily on Facebook and social platforms should welcome the changes that attempt to make our newsfeeds more relevant. Social sellers don’t want to compete with spam and viral click-bait — you want to reach customers that are truly interested in your products and connect with meaningful communities. But now more than ever, you need to be keenly aware of Facebook’s algorithm changes, and best practices for reaching and engaging your customers.

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Here’s what the most recent changes mean for social sellers, and how you can continue to successfully cultivate customers through social media.

Read the full story by Chris Bennett – here


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