Warwick is often considered the town most of us ‘go through’ on our trips to further afield.  Often it is somewhat neglected as a destination in itself: which is a great pity considering its overall beauty and history.

All roads lead to Warwick – it doesn’t matter how you get there!

You can go out towards Gatton and up via the Clifton Road

You can head up over Cunningham’s Gap via Aratula.  If you’re really on the money, you can head out via Rathdowney and up through Queen Mary Falls – the wishlist for motorcyclists is endless – dependent on your day’s desires!

Once at Warwick there are numerous pubs and clubs and some of the best Chinese restaurants around – good, cheap food and plenty of it!

If you have the time, you can indulge in some great Queensland history – in fact, it takes much longer than any day trip and I go back over and over and get to indulge my passion of history!  My last trip was wandering the main city area and the hidden wonders.  My next trip will see me at Glengallan Homestead (but that’s for the next blog!)

Back to the wander!

I explored the history from the delights of Pringle Cottage to the Courthouse!

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I went delving into the history of the area – found an online print of the history…

Old Photos…

I’m sure right across this fair land of ours there are so many places we seem to pass through – rather than discover.  It seems out-of-towners ‘find’ these treasures whilst the ‘locals’ fail to bother.

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  1. Hello Michelle, Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your post and the sentiments expressed within. I stayed in Warwick on my return from Maryborough some years ago and it is all you have described. I loved the place and its history. There is so much to see and do there, both in the town, sightseeing in the nearby mountains and visiting the Condamine and numerous nearby falls. Wonderful bike country too. I am very envious of your exploits and travels Michelle. Ride safely in good health. Cheers…. Raymond

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