Ulysses Club Inc. Life Membership #16

The elevation of a member to Life Membership comes as a result of a submission to the National Committee, and approved by same. This is a prestigious award, granted in recognition of a member’s meritorious service to the Ulysses Club Inc. with only 17 awarded to 2014.

Michelle’s Story

As many know, I never got to the AGM Event 2014 and it was only one of a few I’ve ever missed since the early days with Mum. Thus, I’d heard all about this Life Membership – but had no idea other than a phone call or 30.

Well, with a ring-around not long after the event itself, a not-so-small road trip was organised: a few friends and a night out just letting my hair down.

In many ways, I like the idea of being behind the scenes (working out of my room with no windows).  So, it was nice to receive my life membership surrounded by some extremely good friends: some I’d never met!

Over the years I’ve worked with more than a few of the NatCom and its ex-officios.  Luck be have it, I’d never met some!  Funny how you can work with people day in – day out and not actually physically meet some (that’s web technologies for you). I finally got to meet Ian Hobson and Bob McDonald LM#17.

It was a great night – and I’d like to thank my friends for the massive effort made in delivering the Life Membership personally. (Denis, George, Bob, Joy, Gary, Merlayn, John, Leo, Naomi, and Ian.)

To the membership all I can say is thankyou.  I will never understand what I’ve done to warrant any of it. To my friends, I cannot say enough – it made this little kid feel so special.

Life Membership

Receiving my life membership from John Evans


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