Ulysses Club Inc. Dearnley Medal #37

The idea to recognise members who consistently provided meritorious  service above and beyond the norm, was introduced in February 1998 and announced to members at the Annual General Meeting that year. It goes without saying that the award was named after “Old Number 1”, Stephen Dearnley, who with his group of friends, took the steps in establishing our wonderful Club in 1983.

The first Dearnley Medal was awarded to Margaret French in 1998 and since then, a total of 49 members have been recognised by their peers at Branch level as being worthy of this award. The following is a brief description of the Ulysses Club Members who through their generosity of spirit and dedication to their fellow members, have earned the Dearnley Medal. Details about the Medal and the criteria, can be found in the Guidebook for Members, and on the National Website.

Michelle’s Award

Awarded at the AGM 2010
Branch that nominated the award: Gold Coast

“I’m a second generation Ulyssian and feel like I’ve been around for a very long time.  Because of my mother, I was lucky enough to have friends like #15 Joan Smyth and the late Keith Cox et al. I grew up surrounded by people who lived and breathed everything motorcycling.  It was a natural progression when I came of age to just become what I felt I was already a part.  Ulysses to me, feels like ‘home.’  For the greater part of my adult life, I have lived and breathed Ulysses.  It’s ‘strange’ being rewarded for doing things one enjoys and for simply being just another member of a great club.”

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