Ulysses Club AGM Event 2015

Yes, it’s happening!  The Brat will be heading to the AGM Event in Wodonga!

I don’t know about a lot of you, but I’ve watched so many people leave the Club or simply fall through the cracks and nobody ever seems to try to catch up.  I still have many mates who ride bikes and have failed to turn up to anything Ulysses.

I’m inviting an old friend to the AGM Event and registering them me. It would be nice to see some invite old friends and new ones as guests.  Imagine the ‘feel’ of the AGM Event!

I ended up part of the Club simply by being ‘part of the whole’ before I was ever old enough to be.  I grew to love the family – the feeling – the whole idea of what Ulysses is.  Let’s face it, that is different for everyone and it does change as you change.

It is time to ensure the future of the great club called Ulysses Club Inc.  That my friends is up to us – all of us.  Get in touch with those who’ve passed this way and meandered off – meet and greet those along the way and make new friends.  Don’t wait for the day they join the Club – go over and INTRODUCE yourself and the Club to others – chat to the many and promote the very thing we enjoy.

It’s not all about AGM Events as some say – it’s all about the joy which the Club gives us.  Some enjoy the rides, some enjoy getting out and getting dirty – others enjoy the mateship and a casual cup of coffee and a short ride in the hills.  Some have neither their health or the stamina for long rides – that does not make them any less Ulyssian – it makes them human.

There are those who enjoy the AGM Events and partake of those before branch rides – that’s a choice some have to make because of $$$.

It’s up to you and what you enjoy – I for one used to be manic about branch rides – did ’em all!  Now?  Not so much.  I’ve grown a love to smell the roses – stop along the way – meet the people, have a chat, enjoy the ride and stop where I want without 20 other people going ape that I’ve stopped!  I love my AGM Event trips – always have.  It’s a time to enjoy ‘the ride’ and meet new people.  I explore! I don’t find myself with my local branch members – the exact opposite, I find myself with everyone else!  That’s the joy! Meet the other 23000 people! Not to mention the people along the road!

AGM EVENT WEBSITE – http://agm2015.ulyssesclub.org/


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