Tamborine and surrounds

One of the great biking areas in/around Brisbane and the Gold Coast is good ole` Tamborine.  There are so many ways up and down you can enjoy yourself all day!  It’s close to both Brissie and the Goldie – within spitting distance.  If you only have 2 hours to enjoy yourself – Tamborine, Canungra etc. could happily fill you ‘fun’ gene.


Roads in 2015

Tamborine Roads - 1931 - State Archives

Tamborine Roads – 1931 – State Archives

It’s also a great bushwalking area.

Queensland’s first national park

During an overseas trip in 1878, local pastoralist Robert Martin Collins was inspired by accounts of Yellowstone National Park, the world’s first national park established in the United States of America in 1872. When Collins returned to Australia, he began campaigning for the creation of national parks in Queensland to preserve the majestic mountain forests of the McPherson Range south of his home.

In 1896 Collins was elected to the Queensland Parliament where his campaign continued. Unfortunately, he was fighting for an ideal that in Queensland was without precedent, but not without opposition. Although some were sympathetic to the new ideal, many others thought the concept of environmental conservation was dangerous. However, Collins and others persisted and in 1906 State Government finally passed the State Forests and National Parks Act.

Around this time Tamborine Shire Councillors, Sydney Curtis and Joseph Delpratt, had become alarmed at the amount of clearing taking place on Tamborine Mountain. On 15 June 1907, Council recommended that 154 ha of the mountain be set aside…

‘ … as a national park for the preservation of the flora and fauna as owing to the way the land in the vicinity is being cleared it would seem that in the near future such an action would prove its necessity’.

The Director of Forests agreed, recommending that this area be protected under The State Forest and National Parks Act of 1906 as a national park in October 1907.

Witches Falls was declared a national park in the Government Gazette on 28 March 1908, becoming the first national park in Queensland—30 years after Collins first heard of the concept in the United States.

*Collins – my family history

I spent half the day riding – half the day walking… what can I say – Kid was content.

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