Speedway 2004

As I set up this blog, I’ve been rummaging through some oldish photos – some I’ve only just found in a heap of memory cards from yesteryear. Things I’d thought I’d lost have been found – many of the photos include my trips with Mum.  Of course that includes all the Ulysses AGM events which she attended in the sidecar.  It has brought back numerous great memories.

If there is one thing I have genetically instilled in me – it’s the speedway!  I feel at home when people are discussing the old and the new – my ears often prick when I hear the names Jim Airey, Keith Cox and Keith Gurtner.  I’ve been lucky enough to know all rather well!  Hell I’ve even sat on a knee or 3! Even better, I’ve had the delight of riding with them.

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Every chance I get, I end up at a speedway track – there is something in the atmosphere – if I have to explain, you’ll simply never understand.

A decade ago – I remember it well, the historic speedway was back on the Gold Coast – and I was there with hundreds of others.  Each of us took our turn at being sprayed with mud / dirt as people took to the track.  There’s nothing wrong with a good mud bath! The day was one of those days: the weather fine, the crowd interactive with the competitors.  The noise was ‘old school’ – the smell was amazing!

Some days you just don’t want to go home.  This was one of them.  I remember having to pull Mum away – it was her place and she loved it dearly.  It was very much part of the lady and how she lived.

If you’ve never been to the speedway – do yourself a favour and look up the national schedule.  It’s worth the entrance fee to some of the best entertainment you’ll see in years.

If you have an interest in speedway history – and finding out what some great pioneers did – visit Tony Webb’s Photographic Collection

Old time speedway – website  (everything speedway!)

I really do have to get some old HDDs out and get the files off them – Keith Cox sent me a truck-load before his death – some I’m sure were made of ‘unobtainium’!

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  1. Michelle

    I remember your mum so well especially in the sidecar with you. She often talked about Little Boy Blue and Tom and how the kitchen was full of bike parts rather than pots and pans. Many a time I’d laugh until I realised she wasn’t joking.

    You really are a chip off the old block. I think she’d be smiling down at your new project.

    I love the blog or website. I hope to see you at Lakeside next time.


    • Thanks Andy. Yup, Mum was something rather special but methinks she’d be looking up – I know her too well. She’s minding my throne until I get there!

      Seriously, she did love the speedway and racing. She loved the Ekka with a passion and I have fond memories of Lakeside and her tossing a little Austin Healy Sprite. She truly was bigger than life and a lot taller than her 4’10″!

      Chip off the old block? Hmmmmmm, I have a ways to go yet. Catchya soon.


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