Social media dating documentary charts how technology changed the dating world

Earlier this year, six Adelaide singles took on a six-month challenge, aiming to find love while having their plight filmed for the ABC’s The Daters.

Cast members Suzanna “Sooz” Parisi and Ryan “Burgo” Burgess experimented with social media and met with some success but also drawbacks.

Mr Burgess said apps such as Tinder were making dating feel “like a full-time job”.

Tinder is a match-making mobile phone application that connects users within a specific location radius, taking the legwork out of finding a suitable date.

The Daters also features Richard Crosby, who runs a boot camp – involving theory and bar visits – to show men how to meet women.

According to Mr Crosby, social media had undoubtedly changed the world of dating.

“Anything involving the use of a device such as a phone or laptop to meet people greatly reduces the fear of rejection as it makes it less personal,” he said.

“Equally, through social media people are less accountable for what they say.

“Most women will recount [if they have used social media or dating applications] that they receive a surprising amount of crude messages.

“Most of these men would not dare to say such things in person to a stranger.”

While mobile apps made finding a date easier, Mr Burgess said he did not think it made dating easier overall.

“Once you’ve set up a Tinder date, it still is technically a blind date because you know nothing about this person,” he said.

“However, you have seen a photo that could either be heavily filtered, photoshopped or extremely old…”

The full story here…

The Daters is available to watch on ABC iView until October 14.

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