Relaxing with a short squirt

Work always has the ability to make you tense – I think it’s part of the meaning!  Seriously though, often you feel better 5 minutes after you leave a hectic day’s work and you decide that you can do a simple loop to get home.  For me, it has to mean, NOT THE M1!

From work I can head out to Hinze Dam in the hinterland of the Gold Coast, head over Beechmont, out to Canungra – wind through Biddaddaba, Mundoolun, Jimboomba and home.  To unwind, I took a casual walk up / down the side of the dam.

The Hinze Dam is the main drinking water supply for the Gold Coast region. The most recent upgrade saw the wall raised by 15 metres, doubling the dam’s capacity and providing increased water security and flood mitigation.

It is an un-gated dam, meaning that when it reaches 100 per cent capacity, water flows over the spillway and safely out of the dam.

Beechmont is just ‘fun’ although you watch what’s coming around those corners.  But once at the top, you can see every direction – and it’s just plain gorgeous.  It’s green and lush – watching the guys ‘floating’ in the air just makes it a little better still.  If you have the time, continue all the way to Binna Burra rather than short-cutting back down the mountain to Canungra.


Down to Canungra and it’s the bike Mecca: beginning and end.  There are always bikes – and the Metz is my favourite little haunt – no matter what day of the week.  However, the choices are endless and good: the Outpost, the Natural Food Cafe`, the pub, the bakery – it’s up to you and there will always be bikes and riders around – of every description and size. If nothing else, you can soak up the atmosphere of being around like-minded people, in an area with beauty to burn!



By the time I reached home I was ready to just enjoy the night.

Again, the map decides to go a slightly different way – instead of out through Boyland – but then again, there are signs everywhere telling us, DON’T FOLLOW THE GPS!  So much for modern technology!

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  1. Great post Michelle. I loved your analogy of ‘Relaxing with a Short Squirt’ as it does exactly that for me too. Canungra also brings back many fond memories of different times in another life in the 60’s. I did not get to ride there until recently but it is certainly great bike country. Thanks for the post and for sharing your experiences. Cheers, Raymond

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