In the days of old, editors had one primary responsibility: to write great content. Getting people to buy and read that content was someone else’s job. But today, if editors want their content to be read online, they must think like marketers. Editors and marketers are jointly responsible for attracting and retaining a robust online audience.


Editors must be willing to search engine optimize their content every piece of their content. They should approach each story with camera and video handy and must first think about which format this particular story would best be told in (text, audio, video, podcast, downloadable report, etc).

Some of the key metrics and responsibilities associated with an online editor for magazines might be:

  • content development and management
  • search engine optimization
  • link building
  • website to email conversion rates (for smaller publishers who may just have one person heading up online)
  • email marketing (same here, for smaller publishers, if there is only one online person, they really must encompass all aspects)


Previous Works – Riding On (Ulysses Club Inc.)


 OnWheels – the new project


A new eMagazine will be available via this website shortly.

OnWheels – a digital magazine will cover my adventures on 2 and 3 wheels (motorised and non-motorised) – Ulysses and non-Ulysses related. It will also have product reviews and cover some other writers / bloggers who are willing to contribute.  It will come out monthly and hopefully be of interest to those who just love the freedom of getting out and about!

Unfortunately, this was put off because of health and work – the OnWheels magazine will be available in January 2015.  Sorry for any inconvenience.


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