Laverda Concours

It’s that time of year again – LAVERDA CONCOURS –  19th July 2015 at the Cleveland Show Grounds.

Each year for the last 26 years Club Laverda Qld has run this event.

The purpose of the event is to raise money for Make a Wish Foundation to assist sick children in making their dreams come true.

They have proudly raised to date over $54,000 for the foundation.

Tomorrow July 19 – and I don’t care how I get there, I’ll be there!

It has been an annual pilgrimage from day 1.  When my bro was dying, he made his way there through thick and thin – it was instilled in his blood!

I’ve watched people come and go – I’ve watched it move from under the Story Bridge to Cleveland.  Hell, I’ve even watched as it has gone from a ‘concours’ of older bikes to more of a bike show with customs, clubs (including Ulysses) and plenty of fun. Note: I tend to forget all those years have gone along and some of what I grew up riding are now, “OLD”, like me! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK.

See everyone there!


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  1. Hi Michelle, Great post (as usual) and good to see you online again after a bit of a spell. I also need to give you a heads up that my blog has closed down today and you will need to remove the menu links from your site. Also, the new beemer has arrived Woo Hoo! Cheers, Raymond

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