Laverda 2015

Since its very beginning, Laverda Concours has sparked an interest in me.  From the days of being under the Story Bridge (which was bitterly cold on a Winter’s day) to its new home at the Cleveland Showgrounds it has always had ‘something’ which gets me excited.

What’s so special for me?

In the beginning it was all about old bikes – sprinkled with a keen interest by Ulysses Club Inc. (Brisbane Branch).  The sausage sizzle was ever so welcome on a cold morning – and hell, I was there from the minute it opened.

In the early/mid 90’s my bro was in hospital in his last days – and it was one of his last wishes: to get to the bike show for another year.  It was a massive event for all concerned – and all for 30 minutes at the show… BUT IT DID HAPPEN!  He left in an ambulance – tired (no, exhausted) but ever so content.

Years later, Joan Smyth (Ulysses #15) was my ‘pet project’ in getting to the show.  Months of planning would usually go into the event – taxis, wheelchairs, wanders – talking to EVERYONE – and seeing EVERYTHING.  I can tell you for free that she loved bikes more than life itself.  One day she even escaped the hospital and found her way to the event!

Today, well, it’s me!

The show has gone from the old old old bikes to a sprinkling of old bikes with a mass of younger and customs.  That’s not so much a bad thing in itself but I do miss the old stuff (Ray Owen Show at Canungra makes up for the loss though).

It’s what the people want – well — it must be, there were thousands! And, that was just in the parking lot!  Seriously, the place was packed.


concours2015 (22)

It was nice to catch up with Ulyssians, old mates – those from the industry.  You meet everyone along the way from those who love bikes, riding and generally just talking B/S to those who find the ‘romance’ of the event.  They’re no so much into bikes or riding but love the atmosphere and the people who create it.   Some just take the time to show off a bike! It takes all types, all ages and all reasons to make the event what it is.

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  1. Hi Michelle, What a great post. I am a Laverda aficionado myself but never had the where-with-it-all to purchase one in the 70’s. I fell in love with the 750cc Twin and was absolutely besotted by the 1000cc Jota. It is my one regret in life that I never purchased either as they have both become classics now. Keep up the good work Kid and thanks for sharing. Cheers, Raymond

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