It’s not about going like stink or going the farthest: sometimes it’s all about just simply enjoying the ride.  One of those great rides to me (living in Brisbane) is to get the hell out of the city limits and head for the ‘hills’.

**For some odd reason – Google Maps wants to take the route down the highway instead of through Laidley / Rosewood / Walloon etc. Them’s da breaks!  Gotta luv technology!

Out towards Ipswich and take the turn to Pine Mountain Road – a wonderful little road that will bring you out to the Brisbane Valley Highway and close to motorcycling HEAVEN!  It’s got open higher speed corners – some get a bit tight if you forget to keep you head up and your eyes forward.

Once onto the Brisbane Valley Highway you make your way to Glamorganvale and through some lovely little lower speed twisties and into Lowood.  Why lower speed?  Well more often than not, some bugger coming the opposite direction will be over your side of the road.  When that is on a crest and a total blind spot you don’t need to be at 10/10ths.


For those interested – The Lowood Airfield Circuit was a motor racing venue in Queensland, Australia which was used from 1946 to 1966. It was located at a former wartime airfield site at Mount Tarampa, near Lowood, 72 km west of the state capital Brisbane. The circuit utilised the airfield’s runway for its 1.9 km long 200 metre wide main straight and also used various taxiways and tarmac from the old hangar area.

Lap distance was 4.54 km (2.82 mi). The circuit was first used in June 1946 for the running of the Queensland Grand Prix, however it hosted only occasional meetings between then and 1956. In that year the Queensland Racing Drivers’ Club took over the site, hosting their first meeting there in November and subsequently developing the circuit into Queensland’s premier motor racing venue. The circuit was closed in November 1966.

Mum absolutely, undeniably loved it!

Out from Lowood are some great roads through to Coominya and into Esk which provides a nice little break before the road through Ravensbourne National Park – now that is a great bike road.  Again, watch out for idiots who use more of the road than they should.

Now it is up the hill to Hampton and turn left towards Toowoomba where you end up in Highfields.  Now hidden away, off the highway, is the Highfields Pioneer Museum – now – for those of us who love our history – or just love seeing our living pasts – this is the perfect place to go!

Highfields Pioneer Village OPEN DAILY: 10am - 4pm

The Highfields Pioneer Village covers an area of 20 acres of picturesque grounds with over 50 buildings of historic interest, pleasant surroundings and picnic facilities. It is located at 73 Wirraglen Rd Highfields, just 15kms North of Toowoomba.

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If you eventually make your way out of the museum, you can get down towards Murphys Creek, across to Gatton, Laidley, Rosewood and home.  Again, all great roads for people on a bike – a bit of everything and so much to see and do as well. However, that’s another story! This was all about getting to the Highfields Pioneer Museum and enjoying some really great roads to get there.

Rosewood Road

I always take my time through Murphys Creek / Gatton these days and take the time to remember all those who lost their lives – and others their livelihoods during the floods.

Enjoy the ride guys.

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  1. Great post Michelle. I particularly liked your narrative and description of the areas you travelled through. It is definately not about going like stink or going the farthest and more often is about taking the time to enjoy these out of the way places and simply smelling the roses. I also liked your images of the Piooneer Village and of the big working horses. You just don’t see things like that to often now-a-days.

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