Getting fit – 1 million steps to the AGM!

If there is one thing that needing to get back on my beloved sidecar outfit has done, it has sent me down a path of strengthening my shoulder and getting myself relatively fit. 

Motorcycling is important to me – my headspace and my joy.  I really do love everything about it and I find it hard to ever believe I won’t be either riding or fiddlin’ with bikes and/or cars.

There is one thing I know, if you are lucky, you get to be healthy and fit.  If you are not so lucky you are one or the other.  If you are really unlucky you are neither.  I see that you can do something about the last one.  Even if you have not got the greatest of health, you can make yourself fitter and stronger and get to enjoy things that would simply not be possible if you are a sloth.

Two years ago I set out on a regime of exercise and change of diet – nothing extreme as I could hardly walk to the letterbox on a good day.  Over time, I lost 53 odd kilograms and regained a love of the great outdoors.  Now, my genetics have not blessed me with the greatest of health, but I am now a hell of a lot healthier than I was 2 years ago.  My fitness levels are much improved.

When I came off the bike, I got to a point after a second incident, that it was tough even walking around the block without considerable pain.  Time is a  healer and nearly 6 months down the track I am slowly healing and getting back into my fitness regime.  I’m walking, cycling, swimming and lifting light weights (shoulder constraints).  Hopefully when the shoulder is fully healed I will get back to normal weights.

I bought a Garmin Vivofit (cheap and a nice toy) just to keep an eye on how far I was walking during a day – and when to get my butt off the seat and work!  It’s amazing how sedentary life at a computer is!  So, I have been averaging about 13500 steps a day with work and walks… not bad for an old chook!

The next goal is 1 million steps!  Even if I can’t keep up the step rate, I should be able to reach a million steps by the Ulysses Club Inc. AGM Event 2015.

Swimming is helping the shoulder and although painful, it is far more maneuverable than it was – it is continuing to improve. I wear a brace on the shoulder when I’m riding and putting the shoulder under stress – it does keep everything in the right place and gives me the ability to strengthen the muscles.

I dearly await getting back to my weights but I’m not so fool-hardy to un-do the work done over the last 5 months – so it’s a waiting game.  Light weights will do – there’s no shame in that.  In fact, most know light weights can do a lot of good work when used the ‘right’ way.

So, with a bit of patience and some ‘work’ I’ll be back behind the bars of the sidecar outfit and I’ll reach the goal of 1 million steps in 100 days or so.

I’ll see everyone at the AGM at Wodonga – 1 million steps away!

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