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By Michelle 12/28/2014 (One)
Warwick is often considered the town most of us ‘go through’..


By Michelle 12/28/2014 (No)
Brisbane’s weather can sometimes be rather fickle to say the least..

Getting fit – 1 million steps to the AGM!

By Michelle 12/20/2014 (No)
If there is one thing that needing to get back on my beloved sidecar out..

Ulysses Club AGM Event 2015

By Michelle 12/19/2014 (No)
Yes, it’s happening!  The Brat will be heading to the AGM Event i..


By Michelle 12/19/2014 (One)
To all – 2014 hasn’t been the best of years and it has ended..

My history

By Michelle 11/05/2014 (No)
My family is a tale of many – from Irish to Scots, to Germans to C..

When you get off the bike

By Michelle 10/29/2014 (2 Comments)
Well, for the first time in a very long time I got some hours to just tu..

Australian Grand Prix

By Michelle 10/20/2014 (One)
Congratulations must go to the old man of the racing fraternity: Valenti..

Relaxing with a short squirt

By Michelle 10/19/2014 (2 Comments)
Work always has the ability to make you tense – I think it’s..


By Michelle 10/11/2014 (One)
It’s not about going like stink or going the farthest: sometimes i..

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