The day beckoned and I was on the CBR600 ready to rumble (well as much as the little light beast can rumble).

Destination?  Caboolture Historical Village!

Now me being me – there is no such thing as going north when the destination is north – surely there are numerous ways of getting to the same place?

I set off through West Mount Cotton Road (nice little bike track) and towards Yatala.  Another little bike track is Vievers Road – some nice open curves just made for those of us who enjoy the wind in our hair!

Eventually it was just meandering through Springfield – roundabouts can be fun when there’s no other bugger to annoy you.

Finally, it was out to the Brisbane Valley Highway which most people in SE Qld know very well – Fernvale has a few great coffee shops – and of course the bakery.

Just before you hit Wivenhoe Dam, there’s a turn to the right which takes you either the back way to Somerset Dam or towards Mt Glorious.  It’s a great road either way depending on your tastes for the day (and the tourist traffic).

Somerset to Kilcoy and eventually to Caboolture – and the Historical Village!

What a great place to visit if you haven’t done so – yes, it’s sad when you realise that you’re not looking into history but reflecting on your actual life!  Oh, you realise you are getting older and there’s nothing in the world that can change that.  And it’s rather fun when you realise how far we’ve come over the years!

What a lovely day – back to Cleveland via the highway – but that didn’t matter.  The day had proven that I could mix my passions – riding, enjoy some great discussion with some of the older volunteers at the museum, and EATING some good home cooked food!  Arriving back, I was just feeling perfect – not even work could interfere with that one!

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