Billy and the Kid

Well day dawned – and what was young Mr William doing? SLEEPING! Under the pretext of being, OLD!!! He’s merely a spring chicken (well he’s nearly 15 years behind my godfather!!!!) What’s a number anyhow? He’s only 87!

The morning is brisk (read BLOODY COLD) – so which way is best? West of course. So what’s the problem with single digit numbers?

Out through Fernvale, exit to Glamorgan Vale, Lowood, Gatton way, back to Coominya... towards Esk… back to Wivenhoe and a relaxing bacon/egg sandwich cooked freshly!

The idea is not to worry about the direction – just turn the bars!

Back to Fernvale and an apple and blueberry turnover… trust me, there’s not ONE OUNCE OF FAT!!!!

Back to Glamorgan Vale – turn left and to the Bike Museum at Haigsley. (NOW CLOSED) It was a tough day – can’t ya tell!!!

Sit back in the sun and look at the plebs rolling down the highway. Back on the bikes – turn to Crosby Weir – down to the Mogill Ferry (sail the seven seas) and home via whichever road we needed.

The story goes – we ran into Farmer Brown’s cows (all 200 of them walking across the road) We found the mounted constabulary – luckily they didn’t worry about us. Billy found the cutest pup – but he had to let her leave. We sailed the seven seas and… just had fun in the sun.

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