Australian Grand Prix

Congratulations must go to the old man of the racing fraternity: Valentino Rossi!  If there is one thing I really get a kick out of – it’s watching someone who truly loves motorcycles.  When I watch some, I see great ability on a bike, with others, I see a great determination to win, to race… with Rossi, I see a man who gets a kick out of riding, racing and just ‘being’ – he makes you feel good about riding.

From the Guardian

Valentino Rossi won his sixth premier class Australian Grand Prix on Sunday after world champion Marc Marquez’s cruise to a pole-to-flag victory was ended suddenly by a crash on lap 18.

With a second successive MotoGP world title secured in Japan last week, 21-year-old Honda rider Marquez looked destined to match Mick Doohan’s record of 12 race wins in a single season when he led by four seconds. Ten laps from the end, though, his front end was just snatched away from under him and he slithered along the asphalt and on to the trackside grass…

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Jack Miller gets his chance to shine

AUSTRALIAN Jack Miller surged through the field to win the Australian Moto3 Grand Prix at Phillip Island.

Jack Miller - wins the Moto3

Every time he pulls on his racing helmet, Jack Miller is reminded of where he comes from and what symbolises home.

The back of his helmet says “Home Sweet Home”, with depictions of a meat pie and a sausage roll providing an in-joke identification of his nationality.

Miller,19, is as true blue as they come, even though he has spent the past three years based in Spain as he pursues his motorcycle racing dream.

He doesn’t get home to Townsville very often and his visit to Phillip Island for the Australian Grand Prix – some 2800 kilometres from home – is as close as he’ll get until the end of the season that could still see him crowned Moto3 world champion…

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  1. Great post Michelle, You have echoed my thoughts about Rossi exactly. For me he remains the best rider in the field. It will be interesting to see if he can maintain his rise to the very top and how much more risk will the other two will have to take to stay in front.

    As for Jack Miller, I recorded his race at the Island and can see why Honda would offer him such a long term contract. I will watch his career (and races) with interest in future. He can definitely ride a bit!

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