About Michelle

lm_michelleMichelle is undeniably passionate about everything she does.  Throughout her life she has gone full steam ahead and given everything the impossible 110%: leaving no prisoners along the way!



Quality (v) Quantity?

  • Quality always has to win out!
  • There is no use giving something a little bit of your passion – or trying to spread things so thin that you end up enjoying very little of anything.The idea is to find things you enjoy – things that make you feel “just right”.
  • Choose the things you enjoy – choose the time you want to spend doing them.  Don’t complain about doing things that you could have easily just said “no” to doing!  You didn’t have to engage in doing them!


Education (v) Experience?

  • This is not a fair comparison as education does not make you smart and experience doesn’t mean you are getting better at something over time!
  • The idea is to utilise the skills you have and expand on them – learning every day – testing the boundaries, every day.


Michelle’s Work

  1. Web Development
  2. Web Design
  3. Print Media
  4. Digital Media
  5. Databases
  6. Payment Gateways


Michelle’s Play

  1. Motorcycles
  2. Sidecar Outfits
  3. Mechanics (Planes, Trains and Automobiles)
  4. Antique Books
  5. American Civil War
  6. Digital Painting
  7. Photography
  8. Music – play keyboards, guitar, sax, violin and play with anything that can theoretically make music.
  9. Gym junkie – weight training – Karate


Michelle’s Education

  • Higher Degrees: Applied Science, Science, Computer Science
  • Degrees: Applied Science, Science
  • Diplomas: Applied Science (Horticulture)
  • Certificates: Website Design, Contract Law, Business Administration
  • Certified personal trainer (Cert III & IV)


Awards & Certifications

  • IGK Honour Society
  • Ulysses Club Inc. Life Membership 2014 | Dearnley Medal 2010
  • JP


About Work

If you allow yourself to get completely caught up in a productivity mindset, your life can turn into nothing more than an ongoing to-do list.

The work you do is a reflection of your character and sense of self-worth. Living and working in a way that supports your highest standards will give you sound reasons to feel really good about yourself. You will ultimately work better and feel better.


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