400000 steps on my way to the AGM at Wodonga

Well, the aim is to reach 1 million steps by the time of the AGM – I bought the Vivofit on Dec 8, 2014.  Today is Jan 4, 2015 and I’ve hit a few milestones on my way to the AGM. I might add, I’ve had a ball reaching them.

I must admit that in recent years I’ve been head down, bum up with work and everything Ulysses.  That has been at the expense of me – I’ve forgotten to breathe along the way.  I’m sure everyone has been there.  With a couple of weeks off over the Christmas / New Year break (first clean break in a very long time to do absolutely NOTHING!), I’ve indulged in doing things I simply haven’t done for a considerable time.  I’ve visited places I haven’t been to since Mum originally became sick.  Funny how one gets caught up in doing things and falls into a routine of simply doing.

Well, that routine has been broken – for the good or the bad.  I’m sure some see it as a ‘teenage breakaway!’ In some ways it is!  It really is nice smelling the roses and indulging in my passions.

Anyhow – back to the 400000 steps on my way to the AGM… yup, today Jan 4, 2015 I hit over 400 000 steps!  I’m getting to ride to places, exchanging the bike boots for some hiking boots – bike gear for shorts and shirt!  One cap, plenty of water – food and… you guessed it – off to see the Yellowbrick Road!

Over the next week I’ll upload some of my adventures including grabbing an 88 year old Ulyssian and leading him astray to dem’da’hills!




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