Social Media Marketing


Effective and engaging content can deliver excellent results. Good copy is essential for creating a grounded strategy that attracts attention, from overlooking grammatical issues to ensuring you’re using the right terminology, hashtags and relevant items.


We have all social media graphic design covered; from small graphics like cover page, event images, profile pictures and status/photo updates to developing consistent visuals across all platforms.


Increasing engagement by developing a strategy that increases likes and shares is not simple, and can be costly if not done properly. Develop a strategy that increases your likes and shares whilst attracting new consumers is paramount.

Why is a Facebook presence so important?

A strong social media presence on Facebook is an essential aspect of many businesses social media strategies, simply because Facebook is an excellent tool to help spread the word and reach out to your consumers in ways never thought possible. If you have a new product that has launched which you would like to promote, or perhaps an event or specific day you would like to gain further exposure, Facebook can help you refresh your brand and your products to your followers.

Twitter – is it for me?

Twitter is a great way to connect with your market and customers, enhance your brand and also receive customer feedback. With items like “re-tweets” and the focus on Twitter’s architecture to share so much information, customers will be sure to answer your questions and share interesting news and information. As a leading Social Media Brisbane based Agency, we can help you decide if Twitter will benefit you.

Focus on News

Due to Twitter’s character restrictions (140 character limit), you often see words shortened and colloquial terms for words (“@” instead of “at”). Additionally, Twitter has a focus on sharing news, and the earlier the better! Similarly to Facebook, Twitter doesn’t function well when all posts are self-promoting, and a variation of content is most beneficial. A great example would be to share relevant news relevant to the industry of your business, or promote current events such as The Olympics, World Cup, etc. This content is likeable, shareable and effective.

The professional sphere

LinkedIn is renowned as “Facebook for professionals” and it’s exactly that – a social media platform where professionals can make their profiles, network and hear about jobs and up-coming events. It has similar functions to Facebook, but it’s about professionalism and careers instead of sharing photos of your weekend and status updates to your friends.

Due to the difference, it certainly might not be for every Business, although it is very efficient for medium-large scale companies that want to have a consistent presence amongst all social media platforms, and it’s beneficial for potential candidates to gain more information about the company. For internal purposes, it can also be used to advertise for positions and update your followers on interesting news, articles and company information.

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